La Sociedad Cultural Dominicana
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

MISSION: La Sociedad Cultural Dominicana is a non-profit, cultural organization dedicated to promoting, educating, and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic. Our purpose is to unite our native Dominican families and build fellowship & cultural bridges in our community.

La Sociedad Cultural Dominicana was founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1991. The co-founders were Dulce Isalguez Parker, Gina Sainz, and Mireya Luna-Bottom. Other founding members who were instrumental in establishing and guiding the organization since the initial years are Tamara Vega Antonetti and Marcia Vanterpool.

The goals of the organization are to:

Our Association is run by a volunteer Board of Directors (Officers and Committees) who are elected every two years.  Our funding for our activities come from our membership dues and member contributions. We have members from different regions of the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Central America, USA, Africa, and other Caribbean Islands.  We welcome everyone to our organization who wants to learn more about the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean culture and its people.

Activities planned throughout the year include:  

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